Stage Door School of Dance and Drama Timetables

Stage Door School of Dance and Drama in Bournemouth offers dance training from highly qualified staff, including ISTD qualified examiners, to students from across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.

If you’d like to find out more about what we do and book your first lesson FREE, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – call 01202 291497

Main Studio Timetable


4.00-5.00     Grade One Modern
5.00-6.00     Grade Three Modern
6.00-7.00     Grade Four Modern
7.00-8.00     Grade Five Ballet
8.00-9.00     Intermediate Ballet
9.00-10.00   Adult Spanish

Studio One


4.30-5.00     Grade Two Tap
5.30-6.00     Grade Three Tap
6.30-7.00     Grade Four Tap
7.00-8.00     Grade Six Tap


4.00-5.00     Grade One Ballet
5.00-5.30     Grade One Tap
5.30-6.30     Grade Five Ballet
6.30-7.00     Grade Five Tap
7.00-7.30     Grade Five Ballet
7.30-8.30     Advanced One Ballet
8.30-9.00     Jazz


4.00-5.00     Grade Two Ballet
5.00-5.30     Grade Two Tap
5.30-6.30     Grade Five Modern
6.30-7.00     Grade Four Tap
7.00-8.00     Musical Theatre
8.00-8.45     Advanced One Ballet
8.45-9.45     Adult Tap


4.00-5.00     Primary Ballet
5.00-6.00     Grade Four Ballet
6.00-7.00     Grade Six Modern
7.00-7.45      Intermediate Tap
7.45-9.45      Intermediate Ballet


4.30-5.00     Grade Three Tap
5.00-5.30     Primary Tap
5.30-7.45     Grade Five Tap


4.00-5.00     Grade Two Modern
5.00-6.00     Grade Three Ballet
6.00-7.00     Intermediate Six Ballet
7.00-8.00     Grade Six Modern
8.00-8.30     Grade Six Tap
8.45-9.45     Performers Class


4.30-5.00     Grade Two Tap
5.00-5.30     Grade One Tap
5.30-6.00     Grade Two Tap


8.45-9.45         Advanced One Spanish
9.45-10.45       Pre School Ballet
10.45-11.45     Pre-Primary Combination
11.45-12.15     Pre-Primary Tap
12.15-1.15       Grade One Modern


9.15-9.45         Pre-Primary Tap
9.45-10.45      Grade One Spanish
10.45-11.45     Grade Three Spanish

Upper Level Studio


5.30-7.15     Musical Theatre
6.15-8.15     Drama